Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Listen up.....I came into the world on Feb 2, 2007 and have been a complete joy for my two daddies...they will attest to this without any prodding or licking.

I am a darling chocolate labradoodle. I'm sweet, kind-hearted and 'oh so' loving. These daddies are in for a real treat, once I get through my first 3 years(snicker).

My first trip to the beach was on a cool and windy day which forced us into the tall grasses. I proceeded to attack with gusto...my tongue is in licker mode and I needed to get started.

Now that I have charmed the guys, I will proceed to reel them in hook, line and sinker.
.....Along with you too, if you want!


  1. Am I having deja vu....or what!!!!!

  2. Hi Sophie!
    As a new blogger, wanting to learn from a master, I had to go back and look at your first blog! You were such a sweet baby, and I can tell that you have proceeded to reel the dads in hook, line, and sinker!

    How fun to see your first trip to the beach. Quite a licker there!

    Don't get bent out of shape, but I looked at your Daddy Jim's first post first. His was the first blog that came up in my reading list today. And I got the idea while reading DJ's post to check out his first post.

    But I have to say, Sophie, who has a chance competing with that sweet little chocolate face and that awesome licker! You better go give DJ a lick and some attention so he won't feel too bad!

    Looking foward to delving into your past some more!

    1. Lookee here, LouLouDoodle wrote a note and I just saw it beacuse I'm working on my 900th on May 9, 2014 ~~ SUPER THANKS!!!!!!

      Now to get back to this milestone!!

  3. What a treat! Thanks for the link to the first post. I have fallen in love with Sophie all over again.

    1. Oh you're welcome Mitch!

      Sophie would be so HAPPY to plant one on you too, if you were only closer!!


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