Monday, May 31, 2010

Satisfaction...and then some...yes!

Clancey and I played so much that we were so exhausted by end of the weekend. The living room is our play area with much tugging, yipping and scampering. Hardwood floors are my fave. I like the 'city boy' but sometimes a girl has got to rest. After C left I curled up on the sofa and snoozed....

After my beauty rest...we headed to the surfer beach, just the 3 of us....with a storm a brewing we quickly trudged along chasing the ball and playing follow the leader.

Sometimes the weather is perfect but this time the clouds were moving in on...

either side of the narrow land division keeping the ocean out of the lake area...

This is one of the view's of the main beach area and fog is rolling over in the distance...

This beach is very changeable...sand one day, rocks another and of course, the tides being low/high depending upon the moon and cycles. I love it 'cause there is so much to explore...mmm I love munching on seaweed...humans pay for sushi while I get it for FREE!


  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend!! I continue to be totally captivated by your pictures of your life and your world!! I hope your week is off go a good start!!

  2. Sophie, you live in a gorgeous area. Stunning in fact. Seawood is very good for you. But ah heck, you already know that!


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