Thursday, May 20, 2010

Personal Stuff......

Here's a questionnaire I found on AJ-Oaks' blog. Don't usually do these things but since she asked, here goes:

1. What would your perfect day consist of?
    Waking up with sunshine pouring through the windows and being served breakfast  in bed. Then, with a slight breeze blowing, working in the garden. After lunch, a walk along the river. In the evening watching the sunset from MacDonald Hill.

2. How would you describe yourself if you were an item of clothing?
    A loose fitting shirt and a pair of jeans.

3. What hobbies are you currently working on?
    Gardening, knitting and 40's / 50's collectibles.

4. Walking in the woods with wellies or barefoot on the beach?
    Barefoot on the beach.

5. Have you ever hugged or sang to a tree?
    Hugged for sure! Love trees. Never sang but certainly have talked to a few.

6. Growing your own veggies or nipping to the supermarket?
    A little bit of both actually....but more so to the supermarket.

7. Have you found anyone exciting in your family tree?
    Yes, a number of people. But most so my great-great grandfather. After enlisting
     in the US army (having just arrived from France) and fighting in the US-Mexican war around 1850 or so, he deserted! and quickly moved to Nova Scotia.


8. Slap up meal in a posh restaurant or fish 'n' chips from a wrapper?
    No brainer! A slap up meal in a posh restaurant any day.

9. Which element do you most resonate with : Earth, Air, Fire or Water?
    Water. I feel very comfortable in water.

10. Do you believe in fairies?
      No. But there is something about people who can 'sense' other dimensions.

All the above pics were taken at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia in November of last year.