Monday, May 24, 2010

What do we have here..hazard a guess?!!!

I thought everyone needs a break from jumping and hopping, no matter how you interpret that, sooooo.......What do we have here?....give me your best guess.....while you're doing that I'll dig a hole....sorry OCD!

Now while you guess I'll dig!

I think I have enough time to finish this hole before DJ is outta sight...!!!
Any good guesses?


  1. Hi Sophie, it's so nice to meet you! I came over to see your blog and OH what fun!!! Your blog is great! Hummmm.... while your digging let me guess... is it your eyebrows? Your sweet fuzzy sun bleached because your so lucky and get to go to the beach all the time surfer girl eyebrows?
    It's just a guess. ;)
    Sierra-dog and Dexie

  2. Well Sophie, my best guess would be a close up of the hair on your beautiful head. Am I close?
    By the way, you dig holes very, very, well. And look mighty pretty doing it!

  3. Sophie, I figured out you were a dog
    but didn't know you had your own blog
    if my Princess has her way
    we have to read you every day. LOL--AUNTIE INGER AND PRINCESS

  4. Can't fool Sierra-Dog, AJ-OAKS and Canyon Girl...the smartness displayed by these 3 is beyond amazing....
    Yes, my beautiful blond(not bleached)nose hairs as in hairs on my nose(not inside) are soaring to the heavens.

  5. Hey Sophie Girl...!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.....i write alot about my fur babies.....the mountain diva - Mia......the crowned prince - Max and the Queen Bee - Misskitty. They and i...or is it me and them....will enjoy reading about your adventures.....come back soon!



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