Friday, May 28, 2010

Overnight pajama party tonight....!!

My boyfriend is actually staying overnight in my house tonight...How did I get so lucky? Clancey is here now while his Mommy has gone to a seminar in another part of the province...Time to play I'd say.....

We love to tear around as we did last weekend at the lake...

around and around...we got so dizzy!

We will be going to the beach of course...we...urban boys love the sands....see
a wee bit dirty but could be worse...

...Clancey continues Mommy around and I'm taking full advantage...

...sometimes the fog rolls in and you can see...what fun we have chasing and hiding...

...other times I just explore and marvel at the scenery

...we play ball all the time anywhere

....we even have our own orange balls...of course they're special because they float and make great squishy sounds...

...running for ever with 'crazy haired' dog

...when I'm pooped I always end up on a lap...I like white, see how clean we look...

I'm going to sleep I said 'urban' boys get tired around the rural girls...nightey night!


  1. Oh my Sophie, you and Clancey sure had a fun filled day. It's always wonderful to have a friend over. Did you stay up most of the night giggling and laughing? :)

  2. That is THE PLAN...eating milkbones and drinking little chiquitas!

  3. Both feet on the floor, Sophie~!

  4. Sophie!! You're so cute! I'm following you now!!

  5. Sophie, that Clancy is a cutie pie. And you have so much fun together. How great is that -- Auntie Inger

  6. Sophie
    I could just feel the excitement you had with Clancey. Playing ball and running in the grass and then down to the sandy ocean tide.
    What a wonderful time you must have had.
    I have never been to a pajama party, but is sounds fun to me.
    You sure do have a beautiful world

  7. I am not a fan of "lap" dogs but he's very cute!


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