Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 1st days on the beach....mmmm!

No doubt about it...I have hit the motherlode with beaches and everyday I go I appreciate them even more.

As a tyke I first came upon the open sands of Conrad`s Beach and learned to follow closely...

grab Daddie`s pant leg...why...because it`s there..

find out that I can dig holes anywhere without the evil eye...

and the best of all....touch water...WATER....my DNA tingles when I`m near it...!

Any kind of water by the way....as long as I can lay out fully....aahhh!


  1. that's what Dillon does lies down flat in the water to cool his belly. When he's in a muddy puddle he looks like a wallowing pig !

  2. Hey Sophie, thanks for visiting the blog. I'm glad I found you too - dog walks in Nova Scotia? I think I am in heaven! :-) Mind you it still looks a little chilly over there, maybe our fantasies about the East Coast (we have many) need a reality check!

  3. Hi Sophie
    Thank you for visiting my bloggie.
    It was so nice of you to leave sweet words.
    I loved looking at the pictures of you at your beautiful ocean.
    I would like to be friends

  4. Most certainly Tweedles...BTW...I enjoy saying your name.

  5. Hi Sophie! You were one over the top adorable young one! And you have grown into a beautiful young lady. Makes me want to have one of you here.
    I very much enjoy seeing your pics on the other blog ( Jabacue's).

  6. You did hit the motherload, Sophie! I'm loving going back in time and looking at your baby pictures - so cute! I like the picture of you grabbing your dad's pant leg.


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