Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beaches are my passion......

I am beyond myself as we jump into the car and head for one of the three beaches close to home. Which one are they taking me to this time? I don't care as long as we get there. Why do these trips always seem to get longer. I know it's only 5 minutes away but come on.

So you see I just get so beyond myself with licking anticipation. Just give me a ball and I'm happy. Later......


  1. You sure are one lucky puppy, Sophie!!!!

  2. what I want to know Sophie is - do you like swimming ? Are you in touch with the Labrador in you ?
    Dillon is a water boy - can't keep him out. In his day, Sam was a champion swimmer & diver - would dive right down deep 'til all you could see was the tip of his tail. Then he'd come back up wih a stone in his mouth.
    Dillon is more of a jump in & splash kind of boy.

  3. Lucky puppy, to be so close to three beautiful beaches!


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