Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In awe of Paragliders.......

Heading down to the beach yesterday, so sunny, bright, breezy and 21degrees C, we came upon this sight....I stopped there and stared with a couple woofs emitted. I know the guys were just as amazed as I was...taking lots of pictures and I hope you enjoy them.

's time to dig that hole again....there truly are more important things in life.....


  1. STUNNING photos and the sun is shining too.

  2. Yes the sun does shine! in most maritime locations whether it be in the east or Vancouver in the west, the rains come often and when the sun shines everyone forgets that the rain even existed. Such is the effect of the sun...fingers crossed that the sun will shine from now until Monday so I can go the beach AGAIN!

  3. hey Soph - We watch the same here too- great fun.
    Dillon is a bit confused about Sam not being here. Dillon gets a bit greedy & as Sam never finished his food, Dill used to scoff it.
    A bit annoying that the post man doesn't like him but he was bitten by next door's dog so guess I don't blame him. Shame though as all the other posties love Dillon.

  4. hey Sophie, thanks for visiting our blog.

    you have a super fantastic beach! we wish we had a huge beach like that. it's got to be lots of fun for running, swimming, and digging!


  5. Parasailing is not on my Bucket List, Sophie! Especially over water! beautiful shots though.


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