Friday, May 21, 2010 the beach with Meghan

OK who's that over there...of course it's Daddy Jim (DJ for short) and Meghan who visited today....

This is when I run like old heck to get to the water before anyone else...heaven!

This view is perfect...

Around the bend we return to the first beach to see if the Dept of Natural Resources fellow has arrived because anyone caught allowing their dog run free this time of year will get a ticket $100 + due to the Piping Plover nests which are getting fewer and fewer every year. We check it out and proceed with me on leash just in case the guy arrives.

We make to the end of the beach and Meghan complies as do all humans when I bat my lashes and say `come on` throw the ball.

Into the water, running as if I`m on the that feeling oddly...

With much satisfaction we sauntered back to the car. I walk between makes me feel good.

Enjoy your weekend....we are going to a lake tomorrow to see my boyfriend Clancey, a Bizon Frisee....he`ll be beyond himself...I still have it....!!!


  1. wow such a cute dog....i'm a dog lover too Sophie!!!!

  2. Hi Sophie
    I am so jealous of your blue skys. I am so jealous that you got to run on the beach.
    You look like you had a wonderful time, even if you did have to play by the rules.
    We don't want your dad to get a ticket - so please be careful.
    I am not brave like you. You charge out into that big cold ocen. Sometimes I shiver when i get cold.
    I hope you have a good time tomorrow with Clancey.

  3. This is just the cutest thing. "I walk between always . . . it makes me feel good." I just love that. Happy weekend.

  4. Sophie, you have the best place to play!!! THANKS for taking us along!! I hope you've had an enjoyable Sunday too!!

  5. Hi ya Sophie! That was fun! We could feel the 'quick...let's play...' as we read your post. Our tix in some areas here are $200-350 usd. Keep that long shoelace handy :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  6. You're finding your writing voice, Sophie!


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