Sunday, September 29, 2013


It's been a very long and stressful week in my harbour,
so I took a break and spent some time at day care .
Seeing Ron come pick me up a few hours later,
after I was so very zonked from swimming and doggy playing

was the best feeling ever.

OWEN and I 
sang so many songs 
"Come In and Join Us"

so we showed Ron around 
all the "green green grass" of OWEN's home.

I nosyed up to Mr. Horsey
and played NOSES with him.
A bit of a size difference there.
Dontcha think?

While Miss ShowOff Vizsla
touched noses.
What's that all about !?!

The day was truly splendid as you can see 
with all these Helianthemum blowing in the breeze.

Thanks Mary for a great day
for helping me 
put this week behind me and us.