Wednesday, September 4, 2013


These passed couple weeks we have been living through a deluge of rain.
One day on my favourite canal jaunt
we arrived with the clouds moving in and over us
and you can see the mist rising from the forest.

Looking straight up!
Oh yes, but not to view the clouds of course,
but to catch my friend.

The canal was still,
but not so much after I caught Mr. O
 leaving ripples up and down the waterway.

I'm like an arrow shot out of a crossbow.
Aim, shoot and Bingo !

The darkness was evident behind me
but as you can see the clouds were beginning to break.

Another day we started over favourite city jaunt
at Point pleasant Park
look what happened while I was returning to shore.
Raindrops and warm air,
such an unusual feeling 
because I'm so used to raindrops and cool air.
A much welcomed change.

Then into the car for 1/2 hour drive home.
Meeting and passing these 2 horses,
I was glad to be back in my warm seat
gauging everything from my dry
point of view!

(from our the kitchen window will it ever stop?)


  1. Oh yes Sophie , we got mucho raino yesterdayo too !
    Three Dog day Muddy paw print designs we created all over the house :)

    1. Take a picture,
      Last longer !

      Actually the creative puppy artwork could be the beginning of something new and great. Take pictures and turn them into wall art ~~ you just never know!

      Sophie *just got my feet cleaned off, nice and shiny* Doodle here

  2. Send us that rain! We've been nothing but hot and dry!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I'm doing a RAIN DANCE for you, right now.

      The rain finally let up and the sun is shining today.

      HAPPY now!!

      Sophie *laying in the sunshine* Doodle here

  3. Swimming in the rain, can't get much wetter than that! We have been having a month of rain and the creeks are overflowing!

    1. Wetter than wet,
      She's so wet!

      So sorry to hear that your creeks are overflowing, that could be mighty dangerous.

      The sun came out finally.


  4. Please tell Daddy Ron that the direction of that video is worthy of an Oscar...but not my Oscar..he's a cat.
    Jane x

    1. I will definitely pass on the accolades to Daddio!

      He tries his hardest to takes these vids but man he sure can't splice them together to make an Academy Award performance.

      Maybe I should help!!


  5. It's been a little dryer lately here. I'm enjoying it. Some of my weeds are dying.


    1. No problem with the weeds dieing off, less work for us hard working individuals to do, right!?!

    2. I was so foolish to say it was dryer. It's pouring now.

  6. Just curl up, Sophie, you and Mr O will be out soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We need a little rain...just a little.

    1. After a major snoozy, out came Mr. Sun!

      Sounds like a children's book!!

  7. Great photos, Ron ~ and I actually enjoyed your rain video, such a lovely sound pouring rain. I was walking on a dirt road today searching the dry high prairie for pronghorns. Verga was falling from the building clouds, and I was wishing that it would reach the ground and soak me with some delicious and cool wet. No such luck! Hey, Sophie, remind Ronnie that you could be a star in a children's book that he could write! Really, Gurlfriend!

    1. Hey, I read that last line. Who needs a boost? Why Ron needs a boost. So easily forgets the obvious, always been like that, but also very appreciative with the refreshing of doing something with this blog. If you ever run into a reliable(RELIABLE)company let me know about it, please. Many to choose from nowadays. If I had some leads/choices then I could make some better decisions.
      Besides that, I hope the heat lets up for you, unless of course you like it!!

      Sophie and Ron(nie)~~~ only family and anyone in Grade 8 calls me that.

    2. Every photo I have of you has "Ronnie" written on the back. Like the one of you climbing a telephone pole or assuming the "hydrogen bomb" position. LOLOL!

  8. Your rain looks so dreary, Sophie. We hope the sun shines for you tomorrow!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. Guess what ~~~ it's going to ~~


  9. Wow, I love these images! A lot of rain, but a lot of fun, too. As usual, the composition of the photos is fantastic. Leading lines, curves, depth, viewpoint, etc, it's all there. Sophie, I swear, you are the number one Doodle model! And Ron is a pretty good photographer, too :)

    1. So kind of you to point out all these visual aspects, you know I hadn't realized any of these things. I guess I need to pay attention and from this point on I will.

      The horse drawn carriage was a super fast "get out the camera, look a horse is ahead" Click click click, that should do it. Funny thing is the original is just OK but this enhanced version just pops. I really like it a lot. It gives me ideas for future shots.

      Ron and Sophie *snoozing as usual* Doodle here

  10. Great photos. Good thing you got your exercise in before the rain. I love hearing the raindrops outside the window.

    1. Yes, a nice gentle rain or even a fierce downpour is always great to witness. More than not the downpours visit us so we are prepared for nature's cleaning.

  11. Still just a beautiful place despite the rain
    Benny & Lily

    1. Rain, Sunshine, Snow, whatever the weather we truly enjoy our environment!

      Sophie Doodle

  12. Oh, how I would love to experience a rain like that. But, not two weeks of it, thank you. It apparently rained here during the night. Enough to leave little puddles along the bike bath where there's no drainage. Otherwise, we never would have known.

    1. The 2 weeks wasn't continuous thank heavens, but the weather systems would come and go. Jim's post recently showed you how we got swamped on the highway heading for the canal in my 1st pictures.

      Today the sun shines and I think I need to get out in the garden.



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