Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I'm in the city of Halifax today 
following Ron
 around the Public Gardens
while Jim attends to an appointment.

Come along with me 
as I look occasionally through 
the wrought iron bars
with the ducks.
Still don't understand the 
"No Dogs Allowed" Policy !

Such is city life,
but hey look at that cool RED school bus.
The driver thought Ron was someone famous,
and asked him his name and 
what he did for a living.
I told the driver he was my Dad
and that he didn't work at CBC TV !
Imagine !

 Further around 2 more corners,
we ran into these horses cantering up the street
with tourists aboard.
I really like seeing these large "dog wannabees"
taking up space on the road.
Don't you?

There's that spot of grass we sat on
I had so much fun that day.
OK, Jim that's about all I can handle !
Where are you ?

OH there you are !
I thought you took off with the horses.
I feel so much better now.