Thursday, January 22, 2015


 OK then, back to my new discovery surprise.
Are you still with me?
I see that you are.

This is a very up close long range view 
in front of me as I meander
out the boardwalk
at the first left-hand turn 
that we meet.
The distant view is of MacDonald House
where my Daddy Jim
has his vintage Mid-Century Maniac Shop.
The white building on the left perched on that hill.

This is the first left-hand turn on the boardwalk
slightly topsy turvy just for fun.

The bog pond is frozen solid
perched above the Atlantic Ocean.

I thought about going on the ice
but the guys nixed that mighty quickly.
What's with them anyway?

 On the return along this section I saw this dead tree trunk
which for all intents and purposes looks very much like a heron to me.
What do you think?

Jim is keeping an eye on me 
because I am speedy as in DOODLE FAST.
(I am out of sight at this point which for some reason always bothers the guys).
I smell a beach
well at least that is what it smells like to me.

More to come!