Monday, January 5, 2015

DAWN OF A NEW YEAR ~ 2015 !!

After eating a special brunch 
called a Hangover Brunch
on New Year's Day
we ventured out to the boardwalk to walk off the meal.

Come on you two,
if you are going to leave me in the car 
while you eat 
salt cod benny's
~~ YUM ~~
then you better have some energy
to get moving,
New Years resolutions and all.

The snow squall of an hour ago
beared down on us
disappeared as fast as it came.
Blue skies everywhere.

Halifax gleamed in the background
because the skies had opened up
let the sun shine through.

This ol' rusty structure stuck out
like a sore thumb
but really suited the place just fine.

The white sand isn't sand
but snow.
The tide is coming in and the white will be gone before you know it.
We are heading over there to Halifax 
very soon to Jim's brother's Dennis' place.

But before we head over I have to check out absolutely
everything that moves on this boardwalk.
Makes sense to me.

The other side of this spit of land really shows you
the snowfall amounts.

So before I knew it 
we had completely circled the boardwalk
were heading for the car
so much fun 
at the New Years get-together.