Monday, July 15, 2013


Last night we went for a drive to a pond that I haven't visited before.
It's called Sullivan's Pond in the Heart of Darkness, I mean Dartmouth !
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Sorry, this is a locals' ~~ "in joke".
It was getting dark
but not even close to the dark some peeps joke about.

I sat beside Ron while this feller zipped by on his Razor Scooter.
Hey buddy, do you need some help with that?
Doesn't look like it!

The fountain was playing it's MAGIC
while Jim whispered sweet nothin's in my ear.

Jim kindly pointed out that many ducks live here
and that if I was a "good" dog
I could watch one "take off " ~~~

I thought this feller did pretty good for jumping in the water.

White geese appeared to live across the pond on that green lawn with their very own lighthouse.

The action was everywhere.
Dartmouth really is lucky to have this pond.

Someone said the other day they enjoyed my backseat poses.

Here's another one for you all !
I'm heading home from Sullivan's Pond now.

Cheers !