Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 That's little ol' me
slamming into the waves chasing after Mr. O !!
Cool splash, eh !

 While I spent the entire time in the water one human (Daddio)
dabbled along the edge 
becoming more accustomed to the chilly waters!

See me again !
Barely visible !
I've been told that I am fearless !

I am so used to waves ever since I was a puppy
learning to swim and fend for myself
at daycare chasing hockey balls in the ocean.

There goes Jim getting away on me
all the way down the beach
in front of those beach homes.

I caught him before he disappeared
into the wild blue yonder.

OK Ron ~~~ send Mr. O into the waves again.
I'm here and ready!

Perfection ~~ top of a wave in full view!

The action is relentless today.
into the water and out
down the beach and back
handling the rip currents.

I can feel that tugging from the ocean.
We all have to be careful because the strength of this wave action
can be unnervingly scary.

4 days of heat and humidity
the seashore took care of that
thank you very much !