Saturday, July 20, 2013

STOP and Smell the Roses

On 'DoodleNose' alert 
on 'soft perfume of rose' alert

The fog has descended upon us after a few days of humid hot weather.

But look what I found 


The fresh aroma of these delectables is smothering the trail.

Over abundance of this wild rose is always welcome.

We've been walking for a half hour with non-stop fragrance.

These roses like the fog, the coolness freshens up their faces

and just makes the walk so much more interesting.

This 'lovely' is dappled in fog dew,
so beautiful.

My solo meanders into tall grasses 
finds me in the middle of more
pink blossoms.

I really did stop and smell the roses this evening.
  Beauty is all around me and you,
so take advantage 
when the time is present.