Saturday, July 27, 2013


Waiting so patiently for the 2013 Pride Parade to come around the corner
(between the brick building and the blue building)
with Jim hugging me tightly.

Yoh, so sleek and a guy too.

All sizes from all directions at times.

Doodle with a Super cut looking like she's blowing a red balloon bubble.

Another sharp looking doggy with a super colourful scarf.

On the side lines is fine with me because it was a long walk from what I heard.

Even on the sidewalks dogs everywhere.

A fine looking Boxer  sitting in front of the Smiling Goat Cafe.

Sweetums sashaying  their way down the street.

SOme pulling a little too fast determined to find something.

My cousin Fennie looks like this fine specimen!

Being carried is the best way to to get around if you are a tiny itty bitty.

Look at the smile on his face.
Everyone was having a great time.

Even this lovely bunch of coconuts ~~~ that's Jim, Mary(Jim's sis), Sophie Doodle and Michael 

Mary and I love to make the same face all the time.

I had to show you this horse.
The rider and her horse were in the parade last year.
Nice looking aren't they.

Two horses handled very nicely with me so close.

RCMP and scantily clad vehicle behind.
Your Yin and Yang for today folks! 

 I watched this little girl make nice with this giant RCMP Bear.

I saw that happen quickly
and then in front of me was this beautiful Greyhound
decked out for the dance after the parade.
Check out the toenails,
everyone in rainbow colours.

so graceful

This feller had a pale blue eye, seriously.

This one was taking off, not landing 
and was a good sport about all this.

This Doodle was decorated and ready to Doodle Hop!

This really was a beautiful tale swooshing by me.
I think they were ready to finish this long walk.

Just wanted to let you know that I had a grand time
meeting all kinds of new people and doggies,
but I think sandwiched in between Mary and Michael
was my favourite moment.