Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blandford Peninsula

Seriously, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven
when we arrived at this postcard-like beach
with a church on the right
an old farmhouse nestled in the grove of trees on the left
the warm waters lapping the shore.

With all that and more
my needs were more basic
fetching time

Shallow ~~~ Yes

with a quick drop off

with plenty of time to do my dog paddle

now that feels so great.

What is Jim doing way down the beach?
You can hardly see us.

 Oh I see.
A perfect moment for some brilliant yellow ochre seaweed pictures.

Queen Anne's Lace is making itself very visible

and yes
another rugosa rose to smell.

This beach calmly lulls us as we seek out seaglass
and I practice my stroke improvement.

Here is a short moment (6 minutes short
also a much better view full screen)
of us playing with Mr. Orangie
seeing/hearing in the distance some loons.
 Pay super close attention
and rewind if you miss the sound.

Love the sound of loons!!