Sunday, July 7, 2013

From A New Perspective !!!

The biggest surprise 
in the passed 2 days has been 
with my friends ~ Hendrix and BumbleBee yesterday
with my Dads today!

 Which means BEACH ~~ let's go to the BEACH !
~~~ everyday until SUMMER is over ~~~
at least I've been hearing this from the guys!

So today we found a SOCCER BALL on the beach!

What are you supposed to do with one of those things?
It just won't fit into my Doodle Mouth.
Mr. Orangie is more my speed!
See below!

Hey, did I tell you?!

OK, what is going on here?

Hey Jim!
Why is Ron way out there in the water?

It makes me nervous when he does that!
~~~ New Perspective 'my Doodleness' ~~~

Have a look at me swimming out to rescue
from this New Perspective

The waves are bigger, relentless and perfect for body surfing.
Oh I guess I'll give him that much!
New Perspectives help to show you 
a new and refreshing angle in my Doodle World.