Sunday, November 27, 2011

Need to Go Home!

 This afternoon while driving home from the city,
Ron decided he wanted to take more beach shots.
( home is down this hill around the salt marsh
and directly across in that wooded area exactly opposite on the further shore)

 Here's the further shore now as we are approaching our little abode....

 Jim was played out so we dropped him off
and before you know it 
we were on the boardwalk.
Me thinks the surfers never go home...
What do you think?

  The usual protocol is to sniff and detect who was here last..

 I let these friendly people go by with their over zealous black Labrador

 into the water he charged 
but I just wasn't keen on joining him.

 The sun was going down and people were taking in the springlike weather...

 I really missed Jim.
It just isn't the same without
my other Dad.
I really want to go home 
snuggle with him.


  1. your photos and posts make me love our chloe so much more. thank you! :-)

  2. How sweet. I hope you enjoyed your snuggling, Sophie. :)

  3. Home looks incredible and Sophie is so expressive. Beautiful photos and narrative as always.

  4. It's true, some days are just snuggle days.

  5. What a gorgeous view of your backyard! Beautiful scenery and it gives me a better idea of the area. I was recently in Wisconsin and drove up around Lake Superior for a couple days. Loved it! I see how a daily romp on those shores would soothe the soul. But being home on a frosty evening snuggled up sounds Perfect!!

  6. Looks like you are enjoying the super weather we are having in the UK too! I am not surprised you didn't want to go swim with the black lab, it would be a shame to spoil that fur do!

  7. Wow smashing home/location... doodle x 2 of u guys...What better recipe.

  8. Aw Sophie... Snuggling is sometimes better than being outside. Not always, but sometimes...

    -Bart and Ruby

  9. What beautiful scenery!! We LOVE your header!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  10. found you on the hop...your photo caught my eye! What a beautiful dog you are....what a gorgeous place to live! Lucky Sophie!

    Following you will be great to see where life is taking you!

  11. Nothing is better than a good snuggle , eh Soph!

  12. Beach....or snuggling with dad...hard choice.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella &Roxy

  13. Soldier feels the same way when his daddy goes away. Hope the snuggle time was nice.

  14. Is that the same beach with the snow on the boardwalk?
    Don't ya love weather? Crazy.

    Yes go home to daddy Jim and snuggle away the night!

  15. Sophie you are such a nice looking girl. What great scenery you have around your home. Great pics. Hope you got to go home and snuggle your other dad!

  16. Beautiful scenes! Great photos and sweet dog.

  17. What a wonderful place to live. I bet Jim missed you too.

  18. love those boardwalks leading to the beach
    Benny & Lily

  19. Ahh Sophie... look at how sad you look! Gracie is the same way. When one of us are missing, she is just not the same. Love your pictures!! And yes, I'm still envious.. what a beautiful place to live...

  20. Hi Sophie
    I hope you got some snuggling in!
    I loved the photos of how it looks heading to your world.
    Your everything is so gorgeous!
    sweet snuggles

  21. Snuggles are the best! And I know you got a bunch when you got home.

  22. I'm assuming that there isn't some amazing heating device warming that ocean... those are some SERIOUS surfers!


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