Sunday, November 27, 2011

Need to Go Home!

 This afternoon while driving home from the city,
Ron decided he wanted to take more beach shots.
( home is down this hill around the salt marsh
and directly across in that wooded area exactly opposite on the further shore)

 Here's the further shore now as we are approaching our little abode....

 Jim was played out so we dropped him off
and before you know it 
we were on the boardwalk.
Me thinks the surfers never go home...
What do you think?

  The usual protocol is to sniff and detect who was here last..

 I let these friendly people go by with their over zealous black Labrador

 into the water he charged 
but I just wasn't keen on joining him.

 The sun was going down and people were taking in the springlike weather...

 I really missed Jim.
It just isn't the same without
my other Dad.
I really want to go home 
snuggle with him.