Monday, November 14, 2011

Bright and Sunny for a PPPark Walk!

 This is one of the residential street entrances to Point Pleasant Park
and the leaves are still in full and glorious colour.

 The lower level parking lot is attached to the container pier which was 
built many decades ago without too much consideration for the future
needs of the people who would be using the waterfront as they are 
for cruiseship lines now.

 The rains of Tropical Storm Sean are starting to peter out and our parking space is exactly
where the overflow is spreading over the pavement.
Yesterday, I was told that at least a foot of water was covering this area.

 With that all said, it's time for us to step on it.

 For you see Jim isn't with us today.
It's just Ron and little ol' me.
Jim is at a rally for the ousted occupiers.

 If you look carefully you can see the tugboat(center picture) at the end of this huge container ship.
It is turning that huge vessel around 180 degrees.
You'll see!

We watched these waves crashing on the shore not far from the container pier.

 And as we turned to move on,
I ran into this Chocolate Lab 
and I got this tingling inside...could we be related?

 It just seemed like the everything was refreshed and glad the rains had ceased.

 See...turned around 180 degrees.

Down the hill we headed for the car
with me on a possible treat trail...
The potential for yummies
is always close at hand
so never underestimate the power of the sniffer.