Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hand of Kindness!

My life has crossed a new threshold....

 for, one of my two favourite daycare sisters

 has gone over the rainbow bridge.
Her name is Cathy and here she sits with Jim.
They have known each other since University days
and have only reconnected in the passed few years.

 Cathy had an infectious laugh and

 was super kind to me....

 We  visited only recently and set on the vernanda...

 and while being touched by Cathy,
the others told stories.

 Physical contact and closeness were always received from Cathy.

 I enjoyed my visit with all these 4 leggers,

 but Cathy's fingers were always scratching me.

 I figured the others got the same treatment...

but I thought of Cathy as someone so very special and kind.
She always had a smile for me and would sneak a treat every now and again.

 Loving me and all the puppies was so easy for her.

I will miss you forever,
Godspeed, my Cathy.