Monday, November 28, 2011

Doodle's Eye View

 On the way home recently from a park walk,
we slipped through the dockyards
to avoid all the city traffic.

 These 2 pictures above show you the propellers
of windmills in storage waiting to be picked up
for some far away destination.
Hello...aren't they humongous!

 This is where the grain from western Canada is 
funneled readying to be picked up by huge tankers,
again destined for the global community.

 I just thought this shot was cool
because the sun is highlighting my blondness again!

 Passing the flags of Nova Scotia, Canada and the U.S.
so many tourists arrive here every year
so welcoming them is very important.

 Passing the newer sections of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design...

 I see this lady walking across the street with a poinsettia...
Xmas is so very close
really love the colours in this shot
so warm.

 Wrong way, for sure,
Halifax is finally designating more one-way streets.
This is really needed because the city is squeezed onto a peninsula
and everyone has to share the roads
from cars and trucks to bicycles and giant transfer vehicles 
to pedestrians.

 I saw this old building being demolished.
Dads say it used to be the best pasta place in the city
that's like 30 years!

Finally we are out of the congestion and heading across
the MacKay Bridge.
and see steamers heading in or out
(click above and see)
I know we will be home in about 
20 minutes.