Monday, November 28, 2011

Doodle's Eye View

 On the way home recently from a park walk,
we slipped through the dockyards
to avoid all the city traffic.

 These 2 pictures above show you the propellers
of windmills in storage waiting to be picked up
for some far away destination.
Hello...aren't they humongous!

 This is where the grain from western Canada is 
funneled readying to be picked up by huge tankers,
again destined for the global community.

 I just thought this shot was cool
because the sun is highlighting my blondness again!

 Passing the flags of Nova Scotia, Canada and the U.S.
so many tourists arrive here every year
so welcoming them is very important.

 Passing the newer sections of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design...

 I see this lady walking across the street with a poinsettia...
Xmas is so very close
really love the colours in this shot
so warm.

 Wrong way, for sure,
Halifax is finally designating more one-way streets.
This is really needed because the city is squeezed onto a peninsula
and everyone has to share the roads
from cars and trucks to bicycles and giant transfer vehicles 
to pedestrians.

 I saw this old building being demolished.
Dads say it used to be the best pasta place in the city
that's like 30 years!

Finally we are out of the congestion and heading across
the MacKay Bridge.
and see steamers heading in or out
(click above and see)
I know we will be home in about 
20 minutes.


  1. Beautiful tour of Halifax, Sophie. Lots happening there.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  2. It's a baby Golden Gate Bridge. Interesting how the windmills go to storage
    Benny & Lily

  3. What color! Yesterday afternoon, we saw our first poinsettias here in Sevilla. I'm happy to report, NO SNOW!

  4. Interesting to see the non-tourist views. That pile of snow from the plows, melting on the corner... and it's still November. Sigh, is this normal?

  5. Nice tour, Sophie! I'm with you--get the head out the window. Us dogs need that air, right? So many sniffs, so little time....

  6. Hey Sophie, we could do that route with our eyes closed! lol Let's just say we did!

  7. Great bridge shot! And you look cute hanging out of the car.

  8. If there's one thing I remember from my trip to Canada 11 years ago, it's that it was BEAUTIFUL!

    Elyse (and Riley)

  9. Nice tour
    Almost daily, I pass trucks moving the propellers and other parts to those windmills. They are importing them from Canada. The trucks have Alberta plates on them. One piece at a time they are off to wherever to make us some nice clean electricity. Meanwhile, here in the "manufacturing capital" we are unemployed and getting our electricity from coal at a plant situated on the river. (There is a Hydro plant on the Canadian side)

  10. Thanks for the tour of Halifax. Mom and Dad are going to go to Canada in 2013 to see your National Parks.

    The colors of Halifax are beautiful this time of year.

  11. So cool that you got snow! I loved the photos of your salt marsh and the trip home. As I have said before, you live in such a beautiful location!

  12. Sophie, you beat me to it! What, you may wonder? The windmill photos. Those huge blades are often parked on huge trucks along the road from our house to town and I always get so mad because I never have my camera with me. And you are so right, they are very, very large. All the photos are interesting as they show a different aspect of your life, dear Sophie.

  13. Ah, your blond fur looks glowing and beautiful whereever you are, Sophie! I know the feeling of a landmark that means that you're almost home... that you're almost back to that peaceful place where you can romp or your soul can rest.

    Thanks to your Dads for their heart-warming comments yesterday.

    Now, I need to look back at what I missed in your blog. It looks like there was snow at the beach! How cool is that?

  14. I see you have your Dads trained to keep your window open, even when it's cool out!
    That bridge sure is pretty.

  15. Cool love that last picture!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  16. This is one of the best reasons to read blogs - you get to see beautiful places you have never been before. Thanks, Sophie.

  17. that was a fun your header photo...

  18. What an awesome post! I absolutely love all the pictures and your info that goes with them. Those windmill propellors are HUGE! I can't imagine seeing them that close! Once again great pics! Love the blondness one!

  19. thank you for your support to me and janet x

  20. Thank you for all the images you show us about Halifax, ships, shadows and light, and nature in your parts!

    Drools n' Frenchie kisses from your pup pals in Harlem, NYC


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