Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ear Infection & Energy Treatment!

 I look very focused
almost in a trance,
don't you think!

 So does Ron....
so with my ear infection reoccurring too often,
my Dads thought
they would take me to see Terry
Mother Nature's Natural Therapy Clinic.

I have heard so much about her over my short life.
So I trusted my guys when they said we were going for a visit
so that Terry could use her "special powers"
to rid my body and system of this infection
using an alternative method.

All I did was sit
between Terry and Ron
while Ron touched me,
Terry held Ron's arm
and Terry touched me.

She has a very gentle 
touch and manner,
so I calmed down
very quickly.

Ron rubbed my chest
the process
which I am quite 
partial to.

Here I am hiding under their hands~~~ 
while they work on unblocking energy meridians
which may be contributing to this infection.

You'll see Terry is holding a small plastic baggy
with a swab of my ear wax.
~~~The circle of connection is complete
and the process is whole
with the focus on my ear infection~~~

My Dads have had amazing results with this technique...

from reduction of asthma re-occurrence, anxiety, concussion symptoms, chronic sinus condition
to help in managing environmental sensitivities!

With the relief they experienced from Terry's sessions,
it only seemed natural for me to go.
Beside, a huge Newfoundlander dog was there
seeing her the night before
for the very same reason
that I was experiencing!

The treatment was very short
approximately 1/2 hour.
I made sure I sniffed everything in the room
Dolly below...

She helps people to understand the system of energy flow
that exists between all living beings.
~~~When we all connected by holding hands Dolly sang her song...
just like the grade school science class experiment for
energy circuits~~~

I think I liked going to visit Terry and now I'm going home to sleep.
I'm a wee bit fatigued and besides meeting new peeps
tires my licker!