Tuesday, April 1, 2014


OK, 1st we get the sniffing over with ~~~ 

then we EYE Mr. Orangie

I charge off after the illusive Mr. Orangie

checking back wondering where my BEAUTIES have disappeared to

Ah Ha ~~ here they come

a quick THANK YOU 
to the TRIPLETS Daddy for being here 

Now it's time to PLAY


with 2 against 1
because #3 was a senior feller

but my jaws hold Mr. Orangie very tightly

Do you guys wanna DANCE?

Sitting this one out are you!

OK, I get the drift (pun intended)
You guys know how to play European Golden Retrievers
better than the Doodle Dance.

I know I know 
I was a lot of fun
See you another time!

Gees, those Goldens were so friendly.
I liked them a lot!!