Thursday, April 10, 2014


Sporting head paraphernalia
or in this case neck paraphernalia
just isn't what I expected this spring.

Conehead / Coneneck
(be kind OK!)

With all this being said ~
I'm very good with all the rigmarole involved

The plastic tabs connecting the cone are a pain in the butt
(which has a double entendre)
but I stand so very still,
treats work well with this problem.

While I sport my temporary Conehead
Jim sports his handmade socks
made by a friend's Mom,
nice and warm they are.

Such is my life for awhile 
just a giant cone 
with a loving Doodle
waiting to be released.

Right now I rest and snooze
waiting for my infected lady parts to heal.
I may not like the Conehead look
but I do sense it's supposed to be a good thing!