Sunday, April 6, 2014


My Guys are coming to pick me up at
Country Critter Sitters.

Greetings from Atticus, Suki and the cement doggy,

 just makes the end of my day seem pretty ideal.

Poor Atticus is blind but can hold his own without any hesitation,

even if the horses are nearby

with their eyes and noses on everything.

Mary points out that the winter wasn't favourable this year 
with lots of repairs needed

and Topaz agrees wholeheartedly

because Topaz can get feisty and super excited

which in turn gets me all discombobulated

Holy Gees that's one powerful animal

I'm outta here!

One more Doodle try!

Help me Momma!
Look at those hooves!
I'm not into the 2-step right now!

On the other side of the building is Tallen,
so much more calm and reserved.

and Tony, The Pony a brand new resident.
I'll just be super friendly with them I guess.

Thanks Mary for taking care of me again.
I think it's time to go home and snooze.

I always feel safe and protected
when I stay at Mary's
news has it 
I'll be visiting every Friday.
That should help with making new friends for sure!