Saturday, April 12, 2014


As the sun sets in the west over the marshlands
not more than a stone's throw away
I sniff and sniff my garden trails
looking for anything 
left from this winters long smothering of whiteness, cold and bitter winds.

But all I can find are my croci

which blend into the bank heading to the garden shed

Jim and I are concentrated on our own interests for sure

mine is more animal / bird oriented
while Jim's photography has grabbed his attention

The perkiness and vivid colours of these croci
seems to encourage us

 as we stroll
picking up debris
brushing things aside 
noticing lots of changes

I do enjoy my time as I completely scour 
every nock and cranny 
because crows drop things you know,
yummy things!!!






  1. Crocus are a sure sign of a season unfolding, new smells, new growth, weather kinder and warmer, enjoy it all Sophie Girl. Cheers, Jean.

    1. I am soaking up all the fresh spring smells / sounds / tastes!!

      These little flowers are starting me rolling!!

      Winks Jean!!

  2. Spring, marvelous spring! I love the blooms - first of a multitude of colorful displays. I'm glad that spring finally arrived for you!

    1. We are so happy to be able to look out the window and see the air differently and the light is different too!!

      We are in heaven for sure!

  3. Say what ? That first photo has the most marvellous tropical look to it. I love your gardens. Wow. And you're not kidding me about being here in Nova Scotia ....

    1. Oh Sybil, you are so kind ~~ the so-called tropical view just was a lucky shot ~~ but we will take whatever anyone wants to say.

      Sophie loves the yard, all sides of it because there are many many trees and shrubs to find treats!

      And yes on Hwy 207 you'll find our abode hidden in the trees!!

  4. Your crocus are just beautiful, Sophie! We are having 70 degrees here today and it's just beautiful. Spring has sprung - FINALLY!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. I'm so glad the weather is finally warm for you.....SMILES!!!!!!!!

      70 F = 21 C ~~~ now I understand!!!

  5. I see you no longer wear the "cone of shame", Sophie.
    /the croci are really beautiful. I can't wait until you show me all the other beautiful flowers that will bloom in your garden this spring and summer.

    1. Me too, Pat ~~~ flowers / leaves / trees / shrubs the list goes on!!!!

      Cone of Shame was taken off for HRH so she could enjoy the spring weather ~~ we kept a very close eye on her!!

  6. I love crocus! And are these old photos or have you ditched the Cone of Shame now, Sophie?

    1. Nope, these are present day photos ~~ we gave HRH a break so she could enjoy the Spring time weather.

  7. Those croci are gorgeous, and you photographed them superbly. It was spring here, and it's going to snow a foot tomorrow :(

    1. Thanks KB ~~~ yes spring has arrived but word has it tonight icy rain is going to fall on us.

      Flowers could get flattened, me thinks!!

  8. Ooohhh... crocum! Something we don't see in these warm climates. Although I don't miss winter, I DO miss the special flowers of spring.

    So nice to see Jim's uncovered head! Spring!!!

    Too bad about the word verification. I tried without it for a while, too. Still, there are a few spammers/phishers that get through. i happily report them!

    1. Hey Mitch ~~~~ See what I mean about you and Jim being "long lost bros" !

      No hat no hair ~~~ shhhhh ~~ keep it between you and me!!

      We love spring flowers. I used to watch a TV show here in Canada hosted by David Tarrant called SPRING

      David traveled the world to see flowers that bloomed in spring in that hemisphere. Loved that show! I would loved to travel like that to see these amazing flowers.

      I asked you about the spammer reporting process on your latest post. I would love to report them too. What is the process?

  9. Oh the spring is the best thing. Love your pics.

  10. Spring is coming here too. This week it will be warmer.
    You have a great garden Sophie. Trym is out all day chasing the birds....

    1. Majsan ~~ Sophie will chase anything in the garden, soon!

      This Cone of Shame has to be worn for another week.

      Shhhhhhh, don't let her know, OK!!!!

  11. Love your yard and the crocus popping up! Spring time is full of wonder!

    1. It sure is Ryker ~~ Spring in Alaska, now I'd love to see that someday!!

  12. How lovely to see your pretty flowers, Sophie! You all must be so relieved and light-hearted.

    We had several more inches of snow Sunday night. I had to be at the dentist's office at 8:00 am yesterday, which meant I had to drive over Inspiration Road's hills by drop-offs on ice!!!!! Yikes! And more snow coming Thursday! Springtime in our Rockies!

    I hung out at Starbucks for an hour reading the paper just calming down after the triple-whammy of the roads, the dentist, and driving to the wrong shopping mall over more icy roads. Thought it had a King Soopers ~ nope Walmart. By the time I got the grocery shopping done in a strange Walmart, our awesome solar heating had turned Inspiration from an icy mess to bare dry pavement. No antelope ~ just some muley does standing in the snow by the road and contemplating jumping across the road in front of me.

    My friend Cheri says there is a big buck who gets out in the road and stands there until all the does cross almost every early am that she goes to volunteer at the hospital. I'd love to see that!

    In the fourth photo I thought you were a shaggy Shetland pony! I'm thinking "What are the Dads doing with a pony?" LOL!
    I've got to get some good sleep. Last night I stayed up to see the solar eclipse of the Blood Moon. But I gave up before the moon was fully eclipsed. I had to face Julie today, and she's whipping me into shape to get up on a surfboard next March.

    She has no sympathy. She had me put my toes on a bosu ball, support myself in a push-up position, and then alternate lifting my hands off the floor. Boy did that boss ball wiggle! I don't know where she comes up with these ideas!

    You sure live in a beautiful place, Ms. Doodle! Can't wait to see you in person this summer! "Hi" to the Dads!

    1. My head would be spinning too, Louise when icy roads are involved AND dentists ~~ OMG ~~~ Armageddon I'd rather!!
      We had a beauty of a day today but are heading into some messy / cold / stuff coming from your direction I do believe. Didn't Jim tell you to keep your stuff on your side of the fence?! Oh well, bring it on. This winter really sucks, major league!!
      I'm always intrigued when you say "your solar heating" because it sounds so 21st century woooooo!! So glad you have it though.....not gonna happen here though!
      Yes the Blood Moon was just too late to stay up for and besides my sleep is so much more important. We tried to stay up one other time and said 'not again'. We drove to the beach where there weren't any lights but froze to death.
      Sophie looks like a mini-pony when her hair grows out, so cute.
      Have fun on your bosu ball and maybe you'll be hopping from surfboard to surfboard next March.

  13. Hi Sophie and Ron, Indeed it looks like spring has sprung around your house. Glad to see you can sniff to your heart's content, Sophie, without the cone head look. I hope this means no more white stuff comes your way! We came to Denver today, and it's milder here - no snow on the ground. Tomorrow I'll go looking for some blooms. Ron - beautiful photos!

    1. So glad you are able to go to Denver for a change in the weather. I'm sure you'll find plenty of spring blossoms so you can show us what grows there. I amble around my backyard without a care when the guys are around, but lately being along hasn't been allowed. Those guys are so clever aren't they, trying to keep me out of trouble. Rain today so the bulbs are growing even more.
      Thanks for dropping by Barb!!!

  14. Hi Sophie and Ron, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post today. I am glad Ron is doing better, but what's wrong with you Sophie? I saw you had to wear the dreaded cone (that's what we call it at our house). I hope your trip to the vet goes OK. Samson sends lots of ear licks (and hopes his Gracie won't read this, she's tends to be a little jealous). Hugs from us in the canyon.

    1. Sophie has an infection that won't clear up properly so we had a culture taken and the vet sent it off to the veterinarian college in a province next to us. They specialize in this because it is a training institution. It's going to cost some $$ I'm afraid so we are waiting for the verdict.
      Loved your "M" post ~~~ I'd love to get up at 6 a.m. again, but it's going to take awhile before we all get ourselves back in order.

      Hugs to all!
      Sophie and Ron

  15. Beautiful beautiful spring crocus flowers-- love the pictures. Surely they mean that spring is here!! Sophie looks like she is having great fun using her sniffer!

    1. Sophie Sniffing Doodle that's what she is!!

      The crocus came so quickly this year because the cold held on so long scaring the poor flowers into submission and staying underground. Oh well, I'm enjoying the buds now and taking loads of pics!!


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