Thursday, December 19, 2013


 I don't know about you 
but to sprawl prostrate on the fresh white snow
is my idea of heaven.

The weather has definitely set anchor
and is dealing us a major cold blow
 very early this year.

No matter, I still keep searching for the ever-elusive Doodle discovery.

The extensive number of rocks on the beach
just adds to the excitement of finding something that is edible 
or just plain sniffable.

This seaweed always garners an extra sniff, lick and munch
if "THEY" don't catch me.

I don't know about you 
but seaweed is consumed by many nowadays ~~~

so what's the big deal about me devouring a whole bunch?

It's nice and clean after being dashed to death by the wintry waves.

Well, if "THEY" want their way,
I'll just keep true to my quizzical nature.
After all I am a