Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I see clouds all the time 
whether in the city 
or when on the road driving
to Ron's birthplace,

As soon as we leave the city limits this passed fall
the clouds were creeping in over the trees.

The drive was like this all the way
about 100kms crossing the province of Nova Scotia
from the eastern side 
to the western side.

In the distance the white clouds
gave us some hope,
perhaps fair weather
on arrival.

Then as quick as a wink
the grey clouds billowed up
who knew
what was in store for us.

Up and around the bend
after passing a couple towns and villages
shrouded in clouds.
This scene always means "Home" to Ron.

No this isn't his home
but the beauty of this view
just gives you an idea 
of his world as a youth.

The clouds did hang in that day,
The rain was pouring down in the background
over Blomidon.
I'll take you there some day when the weather improves 
like 2014 ~~~ winter's coming!