Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I see clouds all the time 
whether in the city 
or when on the road driving
to Ron's birthplace,

As soon as we leave the city limits this passed fall
the clouds were creeping in over the trees.

The drive was like this all the way
about 100kms crossing the province of Nova Scotia
from the eastern side 
to the western side.

In the distance the white clouds
gave us some hope,
perhaps fair weather
on arrival.

Then as quick as a wink
the grey clouds billowed up
who knew
what was in store for us.

Up and around the bend
after passing a couple towns and villages
shrouded in clouds.
This scene always means "Home" to Ron.

No this isn't his home
but the beauty of this view
just gives you an idea 
of his world as a youth.

The clouds did hang in that day,
The rain was pouring down in the background
over Blomidon.
I'll take you there some day when the weather improves 
like 2014 ~~~ winter's coming!


  1. We saw about ten minutes of sunshine today. The infamous "They" say we will have clouds and rain for the next week.
    Pretty shot with the yellow house!

    1. "THEY" have told us the very same thing ~~~ RAIN all week ~~ last night was a massive wind storm!!

      We are OK!!


  2. Sophie your clouds are so beautiful. I saw some clouds today too,,,,
    They are so interesting - aren't they?

    1. I always look for creatures in the clouds when the right kind appear!!

  3. Your post today is perfect, photos all the same size framed beautifully, words that entice me more than ever to come and visit, a super story, just like the words in Louis Armstrong's song " What a Wonderful World" I could almost sing your words to that tune. Greetings to all, Jean.

    1. Oh Jean ~~ keep singing and we have our fingers crossed for the GP contest. Just imagine if you win!!!!

  4. love those photos, must have been a wonderful place to grow up! Yep, it sure is the season of clouds here too. I'd rather have rain, snow, or sun but the cloudy days just get to my little head. Thanks for sharing dear Sophie! You go on the best adventures. ;j and charlie

    1. I totally understand the cloud conundrum with migraines/headaches/body aches with the atmospheric pressure. We had a HUGE wind storm last night, Ron was awake all night and now is useless ~~ really don't know how he types all this stuff ~~ for me I guess he'll do anything!

      Sophie *snoozing away* Doodle here

    2. Is that why I hurt some days? I'm going to have to start paying attention to the weather and see if there's a correlation! Sorry Ron was up all night and is now useless! Feel better!!!!!

    3. YES, the weather is a major instigator of headaches/migraines..... some days I am just fine but when the seasons change "Watch Out"!! Cloudy days can numb you and you don't realize it until it's time to get going, then BAM, no chance of getting that To-Do list done today.


  5. Those clouds. Glad they didn't rain on you, Sophie and you could play with your friend.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. Always "Hit or Miss" with the rain when traveling across our province ~~ one side will be bright and sunny and the other super rainy!!

  6. Lovely to see the blue sky behind those clouds,
    and so much nicer to see white clouds too.
    The picture postcard view is beautiful, I love nostalgia.
    You look so happy playing with your new friend Sophie.

    1. I had a grand time on the field with the farm doggy ~~ we ran for the longest time!

      The rain stayed far away on Cape Blomindon.

      So happy for that!!

  7. You have a great "eye" . I need to add Nova Scotia to my bucket list of places to visit.

    1. Put it on your list right away, before you forget!!


  8. Hi Ron and Sophie!
    What beautiful and philosophical posts you've put up over recent days! Your cloudscapes are gorgeous ~ those shots of the AMM bridge and crossing the province. It's funny, I never really thought of going from Wolfville to Halifax as traveling across the width of the province, but that is exactly what is happening. And how many times have I made that trip?

    I loved the video of the Three Pools. Do you remember when a herd of us went there on our bikes with Professor and Mrs. Gmeiner? After several bike hikes, our parents got together and decided we couldn't go anymore without chaperones, and the Gmeiners volunteered! Man, we gave them a race on our bikes!

    I get the power company's concern after looking at that video. Fun, but Holy Toledo! I used to know a lot of spinal cord injury peeps ~ and one person had gotten a high spinal cord fracture from doing such diving. Of course quadriplegia can utterly change your entire life ~ just not worth it! Am I right in thinking that the power company also removed the swinging bridge? I bet you could use Google Earth and find those pools and an alternate way in.

    The Valley is gorgeous. It's funny how childhood places root in your heart! That same scene always means "Home" to me too, because I was born in Wolfville and spent a number of years there. I could retire to Wolfville! No chance of that happening though! Terry's idea of hell! there's another spot beyond Annapolis Royal where you can see the Annapolis Basin, Bear Island, and Digby Gut which is also "Home" to me! You are making me homesick! I will get home this summer!

    I'm hunkered down in the house today because it is freezing and snowy outside. Thankfully Terry made it to work over dangerous roads okay. He told me not to leave the house! He drives me nuts with worrying about me! On rare occasions I listen! I may be housewalking today! We'll see! *hugs* *belly rubs*

    1. Let's see now:
      1. Many trips on the 101 that I could do it blind folded. When Mom was sick I used to drive to Wolfville every night at 9pm( got off early from work ). These 3 years of care-taking have molded my memories and actions to this day. Now that the 101 is twinned I feel so much more safer, even when a nut or 3 decide to speed on by at 140 km/hr. I just don't want to be the one who finds them in the ditch some day.

      2. The 3 Pools will be located next year for sure. I do remember biking over to White Rock to the Swinging Bridge with our peer group. I don't think I was with you guys when Mr.&Mrs. G joined in. I just don't recall them, but if I think hard enough it may surface. Yes, the bridge has been totally dismantled for obvious reasons and the entire area where we used to park our cars/bikes (the entrance area) has been fenced off, so no one can get on the land unless you have super powers or something. There apparently is a path up the road around the bend which is the one we will scout out come spring. The path we took in my recent post was, what I thought to be the answer, nope!

      3. I did not know that you were born in Wolfville. In the EKM, I suspect just like myself. The EKM holds a few memories for me which suffice it to say are sad ones from my Grandmother's passing to my Mother's loss of memory one Xmas day. I try not to remember those times because I want to remember these 2 beautiful women for their Joy and Laughter that they shared with me for so many years!

      4. I'm with Terry on the retirement in Wolfville. Small town life has it's pluses, but with the added university element of constant students disrespecting property and noise by-laws. It's a no-brainer for me ~~ live away and visit occasionally! I had to write a letter in the late 1980's re: student disrespect next door to my Mom's. This was forwarded to the the President, The Chancellor, The Police Chief, The Mayor, The Doctor in charge, The Football Coach and one other that escapes me. I got one response from Alex Colville, The Chancellor at the time. I am jaded with university towns even though I grew up in one and truly loved it. But when the student ghetto started spreading so quickly and my Mom passed it was time to let the town go.

      5. The rain is forecasted for the entire week. Jim just returned with Sophie from a quick walk on the Lawrencetown Boardwalk + grocery shopping. The grey skies can do a number on one, so today I rested and rejuvenated.

      I sure hope things are going well for you both and look Xmas is only 3 weeks away.

      All the best

    2. Yeah, I was born at EKM. As a matter of fact John and Judy Pineo were there with me, and we were featured in the same birth announcement in a local paper! Sad info about the student ghetto. I do remember being shocked at the sad state of the lovely old homes on Prospect Avenue when I was last there. I love my blue Colorado skies, but today we are experiencing a snow mist! First time I ever heard that term, but it was used on a weather report near my home. Dreaming of Living a Dream posted the report on her blog today. I'm not even sticking my nose out the door into the Snow Mist! I'm resting today too! I might even read by the fire this afternoon for the first time since I retired. Ken Pineo said that was one of the joys of retirement. I'm still spinning down from my decades long spin up! Take care!

    3. John & Judy and you in the paper together ~~ now isn't that cool! Any chance you kept a copy of that?

      Snow Mist? I'm heading over to learn about that new fact now!

      I emailed you a link re: Donalda from Acadia Bulletin.....check it out!


  9. It's funny, sometimes when the clouds roll in here in CA, nothing happens even though it looks like a storm. Since mom is from NJ, she finds it strange since it would pouring rain there. Glad you got to play a bit

    1. An east coast Momma ~~~ Super YAY!!

      All the best Lily!
      Sophie and Ron

  10. Very nice trip and showing us around.
    We will have snow and storm coming. Warnings have been given for mid and North of Sweden.We in the South will not have it that bad

    1. Yes, the snows will be coming here soon, I suspect. Hopefully only once in December but January and February will be white!


  11. Oh Sophie Doodle this swept me up into the beauty of those lovely clouds ~
    and your energy of course is always a fun fresh breeze !
    Loves to you Sophie Doodle .

    1. My doggy friend got me all excited even with the splashes of rain and clouds overhead!

      Good to see you!

  12. Replies
    1. We thought so too, Mitch!

      The whole province was covered from our perspective.

  13. gorgeous photos thanks for sharing Sophie

  14. Hi Y'all!

    My Human isn't feeling that chipper today because of the weather front that passed here last night. Without the pollen her headaches aren't as severe as they are during the other 3 seasons. You have plenty of sympathy from her, I assure you.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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