Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Look closely the next time you see some frost on a window,
the world is more than your think.

I've been racing around my backyard
teasing the guys
I finally have the time to stop 
and check out what is around me.

In the garden shed window leaning against the frosted glass,
a brass water-catcher that chimes in the wind.
Not today though.

Now what's over here?

An icicle super frozen in time,
something for me to lick.
Afterall, my middle name is LICKER!

 The delicate lacework of Jack Frost
really can be intricate and super amazing.
Don't breath on it though!

With another storm coming today
I think I better remind the guys
to put the ladder away.
Ol' Man Winter has come to visit us early this year.
Fine with me,
but I know the peeps are having a tricky time with it.