Sunday, December 8, 2013


Now look at you peeps
standing or sitting around with nuttin' to do.
What a shame.

Follow me!
Seriously, there's nuttin' to lose.

If I'm too fast for ya,
well, just keep an eye on my tail.
It's like a homing beacon, anyway!

There now doesn't that feel better,
calm waters
fresh air
some exercise
find a special rock
watch the fellow surfing the waves.

He is very patient
just like me ~~ not likely ~~~ ha ha ha!!!

There he goes grabbing life and carving out a path
that works perfectly for him.

I'm pretty good at grabbing life too.
I know I can squeeze the life out of Mr. Orangie most days,
but meeting new friends and old friends
just about is the icing on my cake.