Saturday, December 14, 2013


I gots to make this fast,
a major ZOOOOOM around the backyard 
before I'm whisked away to daycare for a few hours, 
because the guys are going to a birthday dinner
at Edna's Restaurant for Jim's bro Dennis.

Apparently, the guys take pictures of inanimate objects too.

I thought I was the No. 1 subject 
but I guess taking pictures in restaurants
has snagged their attention ~~~ even if it's a blurry 'SPECIAL'.

The vino list and other liquid assundries

waiting for the Birthday Boy and partner to show up
everything looks so neat and tidy

above the long bench style table
was this hanging multi-piece lampware unit

the menu sat waiting patiently for them to open it

across the way was a long bar under lit 
with just enough lightning to show up the seats,
I could have really done a number on any crumbs dropped over there.

corn fritters stacked neatly
which didn't last too long 

The Big Spruce micro-brewed beer was Dennis' choice for the evening.

Dennis and Jackie talk to the smart Edna-lady
and she really helped with the final decisions

Wine, Water and Beer flowed freely

Here are three different plates from
 thickly cut steak 
to arctic char 
to vichyssoise soup.

Coffee always helps to finish off a great meal
especially helping to settle the tummy
if you know what I mean.

They all had a nice and easy dining experience
and Dennis' BIRTHDAY SMILE tells it all.