Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hi, do you think it's windy enough for me
high on the hill today?

I'll just scoot down here where the wind drops off a bit ~

and zip back up because I can't allow the humans 
to get too far away, you know.

OK follow me ~ 
look there's a surfing human 
catching a pretty good wave.

I'll just see if I can figure out 
what has been left 
on the grass for me
waits patiently below.

I really like being high on the hill
no matter where I stand 
I do have a lot of vantage points ~~ 

which I have pointed out over my time here in blogland.
I always like to see colour
as is the case of this surfer with a red board 
heading back to the truck
which has a blue board on top.
The grey waters and sky always
assist in making  the colours come alive,
just like me!