Sunday, April 19, 2015


Yes, haircuts make me lively, perky and DOODLICIOUS!
Just ask the guys!
I was so full of vim & vigour
so we jumped intro the car and went to the boardwalk.

 7 A.M. ~ Yes you see ice but the air is warm
which hastens the demise of Ol' Man Winter
and his Trojan warriors of 2 long icy months!

Photographers get up early!
You people know who you are.

If I had a camera I would be snapping pictures too.
So instead I sniff and sniff 
usually discovering something choice!

The sunrise accents my blond fringe quite well this morning.
I must say I love a good haircut!

Heading back to the car along the trail
passed the still frozen bog
I discover another sweet sniffing morsel.
Aaahhhhh, Heaven as usual!!

We Three Amigoes 
do enjoy our early morning 
wake-me-up strolls!