Monday, February 2, 2015


(With massive artistic licence and since this is my blog this truly is what happened!)
Today February 2nd, 2015 is my 8th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
However 2 days ago on Saturday 
we THREE AMIGOS visited 
a very dear friend June and her daughter Katharine
who have trekked across the Atlantic to tackle the sale of June's home
and her many, many paintings.
Look at that SMILE on Katharine's face?
Says it all, doesn't it!!

Waiting behind Katharine and that lovely grin is ~

June ~ a friend that my Dads met in the late 1970's
who is very artistic, 
who is a gemini (winks),
who brought up a stunning daughter,
who worked in 2 university libraries,
who rode her bicycle everywhere,
who then drove her car everywhere,
who joined the guys on summer excursions to the New England States
and Prince Edward Island not to mention the Annapolis Valley where Ron was born,
who joined Jim's Exercise Studio without hesitation,
who is strong as an ox,
who can discuss anything and everything,
who makes a lovely dinner,
who makes wonderful espresso coffee,
who so enjoys painting,
well that should give you small idea of what the guys think!

Even this presentation will tell you that these 2 women are very artistic
because my birthday is today ~ did you know that?
Well, that lovely lemon loaf is going to be my birthday cake.
~~ only 2 days early ~~
remember it's my birthday and I am permitted to do as I please, smiles!

So I have taken an immediate liking to Katharine
~ I love women always have ~

Hey Katharine!
Did you know my 8th Birthday is in 2 days?
(See how close my nose is to the lemon loaf?)

Hey June!
Did you know that my 8th birthday is in 2 days?
(I love lemon loaf, did you know that?)

Seriously Katharine, I have been a very good DOODLE all year!

I truly believe LICKS & KISSES will solve all the world's problems.

Finally, Katharine you have fallen under my spell!

Mmm mmm, Good!
Tasty, yummy and oh so good!

This girl is a keeper!
Only thing living in France seems to be such a long way away.
I will watch you on social media though.

The four humans did talk a lot and laugh a lot
take a lot pictures.
It was well worth the waiting for the scrumptious, lemon loaf though.

Well, I want to thank you for letting us invade your world
for this short, long awaited visit.
Good luck!
I hope this week will work out just fine for you.

Bon Voyage.
Au revoir June.
A bientot.