Tuesday, February 17, 2015


My word, my world is covered,
smothered in ice
so thick
so slippery
so dangerous!

Did I ever tell you that "fear" 
is not part of my repertoire.
I am walking along the edge,
the very icy edge of the slope.
Why not!!?!

Oops, there goes my blond legs again,
slipping with pretty much every step.

A much needed break ~
I can run here without any worry of slipping.
My back hind appears to be taking off behind me!

Here's that super icy trail again.
Did I ever tell you that I can figure out things pretty quickly
as in walking along the edge of the ice
always works better than ~~

landing on your DOODLETUMMY 
with all your blond legs splayed out around you.

Once I realized that going over the edge could
be a possibility then I stepped much more carefully.

So glad you are on my side Daddy Jim,
I do believe I growing weary of this ICEWORLD.

Let's head back to the car, OK!?!

This will show you my ice world high on the hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
on this rather calm, slightly overcast with sun pushing through day.

Look what I saw on the hill as I was working my way back to the car.
Beautiful but very strange indeed!