Sunday, February 15, 2015


As the title says,
we awoke to a bright blue sky
not so warmish day
(but who really cares, right)
 so off to Point Pleasant Park
we headed because the guys promised.

Seriously if there was a 7th heaven I was in it.

This walk was so full of furry friends and laughter,
I'd say a 7th heaven really is where you find it!

~ and I found it ~

a deep inhale
~~ HOLD ~~
then exhale

and move on

because there is so much more to find

just follow me
as you always do

LOVE is in the park!

Jim and I are heading down this route.
It's the middle of a circle 8 trail
we make when we decide to avoid the hills.
Ron heads back to the car
while I seek out more new friends
enjoy every ounce of this brilliant walk day!