Monday, February 9, 2015


The past two weeks our wintery world has truly lived up to it's name.
Let's see 4 storms of varying degrees of intensity, quantity deposited
and beauty as a result have made us more aware of the dangers of ice
and the beauty of ice and snow.

One lone Bloodgood Maple leaf swathed in ice 
not about to fall to the ground any time too soon.

Yet when the temperatures rose over night
the ice disappeared.
Then a couple days later the snow fell again
all light and fluffy
just enough to cover all 
so the carpet looked even and beautiful.

Hanging in the espaliered apple tree
soaking up the sun
I found the birdhouse at the top
the Japanese pagoda style wind chime
the foghorn deep sounding wind chime
at the bottom.

The last remnants of the ice still hung on for dear life
to the Kousa Dogwood.

The sunshine shone brightly coaxing the ice to disappear
with light sounds of dripping 
as we passed the Colorado blue spruce.

But you know I can smell spring!
I just know it's not far away
I sticking to my story!!