Thursday, February 5, 2015

1000TH POST !!

My DOODLE Blog life
started here on May 11, 2010 
this No. 1 little ditty < click

Today I share with you my 1000th post since that day.

Who knew that I could write this much and
have this much DOODLE INFO to share?

The past year I slowed down a smidgen because
Daddy Ron got sick
and well you know
~ I have to be the caretaker and "take over" ~
Oh heck, I love doing that
wouldn't have it any other way,
It's all about priorities, right !?! Right!

So, my 8th birthday was on Ground Hog.
(oh BTW, he saw his shadow and we will be having
at least 6 more weeks of winter and snow)

We were wallopped with 3 storms already in the past 2 weeks with 2 more to come.

Come have a look at the ice!!

Our side yard in amongst the evergreens and birches
totally laden in ice.

I managed to squeeze under all the trees, shrubs and hanging branches
listening to the crackling sounds.

The clematis vines, so many vines
are completely encapsulated in thick ice.
Having fun with the orbs again
gives the ice a glasslike effect.

After surveying the yard
I came inside to discover
 this little box of goodies
~ all for me ~

~ from my favourite ~
all-time favourite doggy bakery
The Three Dog Bakery

I was allowed to look inside
and sniff

then this is what happened,
now who did that with my cookies?

 ~ even Ricky was in on the tease
not a peep from him either ~

See my nose pointing at the cookie?
The control one has to have
when silliness prevails.

Cookies are good you know!
I finished then grabbed a seat to watch
all the going-on
with the guy next door
who was kindly clearing out our driveway
the neighbour's parking lot.

I hope the next storms are not too bad.
Fingers crossed!