Monday, July 14, 2014


It's 4 days since my surgery 
and the guys figured I needed to get out.

Shack Wacky!
Well that's an understatement.

So I fell into line 
between the guys
as I always do,
but this time I was tethered to my leash
in case I had any great ideas 
like running away 
to scratch my behind all over the ground!

Jim even holds my poop bag
what a cool Daddio he is.

But I figured I should show you 
what all this fuss is about.
You can see undissolvable stitches all around my vulva, right!?
Hang in with me OK!
Well, this is where a large piece of fat was growing
and covering up my vulva 
causing a rash etc.
Now I'm a normal Doodle doggy.
Yes, it's sore but as the title says

Forward Ho!
Now I think it's time to head back to the car
and get home before sundown.
Thanks as always for your support.
PS: My apologies if seeing the stitches was too much,
but just imagine I have to feel them!