Friday, July 4, 2014


My Daddy Jim will do anything for me
not to mention anything for anyone else
he doesn't / has never put himself first,
I can attest to that.

He'll pose to let Ron take pictures of him through a wonky, wet car wind shield
even if distortion is running rampant.

He especially loves his new adventure selling his retro 50's & 60's kitchen ware.
Doesn't the smile tell it all!

He loves taking me to the park and venturing down a new trail
with scads of people running and walking by.

 He loves taking me to see his Pops
at the veteran's hospital
mainly because he knows I get fed
so much!

He'll jump into the moment for fun,
nothing holds him back
because life is way too short 
for anything else.

Birthdays are meant to be off beat / colourful / side splitting laughter
topped with confetti.

So lighten up lady,
your birthday will be coming soon.
BUT today is my Daddy Jim's Birthday
I'm going to be snuggling close
'cause he really deserves it!
(Gees, that lady scares me!)