Saturday, July 12, 2014


4 months of realization came screeching to a halt
this passed Thursday when my Dads and I dealt with my surgery
and as my new vet called it a
(no wonder we have a new vet
he's a laugh a minute)

Flying solo
by myself for the day

I survived
and having the security of 2 Dads

really helps me with my healing

We go everywhere together around here
as you know

but burying Mr. Orangie
digging him up
is high
oh so high
on my agenda.
Can't you tell?!
Psst!! I thank you from the bottom of my beach hole heart
for all the special get "better vibes" from all around the globe.
Some people don't think this cyber-love is true
but I for one know it is.
Imagine people thinking like that!
Me thinks they need a DOODLE HUG& LICK!
(Sophie Doodle in healing mode here!)