Saturday, July 5, 2014


Patience is a virtue!
How many times have I heard this being said to me 
as I sit 

waiting for a chance to romp in this field 
just like these peeps
in the middle of Hurricane Arthur.

even through the windows 
at Daddy Jim's retro shop
you could FEEL the power of the wind

Finally I made it to the slopes

and up the trail to the middle field

wondering if Mr. Orangie
was coming out to play

Not today 
I guess
too much wind
the velocity was ear splitting

with that realization I decided that I should quickly fill up on salad greens
before I blew away

Gees, where is Jim?
This fellow isn't Jim
and those ladies aren't either.

 I know exactly where he is hiding,
inside MacDonald House
playing with his retro goodies
getting them ready
for the hordes of peeps
that are coming this way to see
Hurricane Arthur!!