Monday, July 28, 2014


OMG, it was a LAUGH FEST here  the other day!
Humans really love to LAUGH!

We've been waiting for weeks for the visit of
Louise from "STANDING INTO DANGER" < click for sure!!!
and her equally jovial sister Barb!!!

Hold on tight Jim,
don't let these 2 firecrackers get away!!

Jim and Louise look like the jungle is going to take them to another world.

You know Louise is really the sweetest human being
and guess what? ~
She really does exist.
I sniffed her so it's true!

The smile tells it all.
Not a bad back scratcher to boot!

I have a new toy called Weeser!
Louise gave it to me and
 it squeaks
it's tough as nails
never leaves my mouth.
Who loves to play tug-of-war?

Barb came all fancied up with red toe-nails.
I told the guys that I should have mine down
and they said "OK, Sophie! Whatever you want!"

You know what's magic?
2 Maritime Girls returning home
scratching my back!

I made sure that "before lunch" treats were edible.
I sure wouldn't want anyone to get sickie, you know!

But the point of all this is that these 2 love to LAUGH
which in turn got the guys LAUGHING too,
over ~ imagine this ~ whip cream on egg beaters!!

You'll see why!

A good side splitting laugh makes 
so much tastier.
I know you'd agree.


Come back and I'll show you some more adventures next time!