Saturday, January 4, 2014


After spending all day Friday Jan 3rd hunkered down 
listening to the wild winds and watching the snow dumping from the skies,
we awoke to a bright, crisp and clear morning.

I had to investigate my world
so have a look see!

Speeding around at a million miles an hour
sounded pretty good to me.

Ducking passed Ron at lightening speed
galloping and leaping 
with my nose to the ground.

Then ~~ it hit!
Paw Freeze Up!
One paw at a time.

Quick, back to the house
as fast as a bunny.

Hey Ron, how do you like my face now
let me tell you about this paw!

After a bit of a Paw Freeze Thaw,
I'll be out there again.
Bet your Sweet Bippy!!