Monday, January 27, 2014


OK, this weekend the guys took me, and now you, to a new spot
at the very end of our harbour and peninsula, called 

This is the spot where cruise ships round the corner
on their journey along our province
and head into the city of Halifax.
Yes, the rocks are everywhere in Nova Scotia
and in this case careful footing with the snow and ice.

I'm standing on a high vantage point
surveying my new surroundings ~~

and the mighty wind is
lip smackin' fierce!

I've scouted ahead and figured out which route to take.

Even my speed in the snow doesn't curb me from fear.

The grass is camouflage grass
(same colour as my naturally blond tips)
but my feet are getting bunged up with mini-snowballs.
Uhm, guys where are my PURPLE BOOTIES?

Since they forgot them,
I'll keep scurrying around,

(here's a windy sightly noisy view of my new fave place)

I heard the guys say that they would bring me back in the spring
when the rocks aren't so treacherous.

No real cliff hanger
other than what could have happened 
if I had slipped
but relax folks,
I didn't.