Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It's been almost 2 weeks since the New Year started
and we've had every kind of weather
the weather person can throw at us,
 ~~~ the obvious SNOW ~~~ 
"full on can't see 2 feet in front of you" stuff to 

spitting squalls
blanketing the city
as we crossed the bridge to

~~ oh yes the wet stuff ~~
 moisture soaking your winter clothes to

sea mist rising along the shore's edge to

hard as cement ice surrounding our bench at the park to

frigid mornings letting us know that the air is so much colder than the water to

clouds emptying SNOW or RAIN at their whim to

trail after trail ready for trekking / snowshoeing / cross country skiing to 

watching for winter surfers masked by the spray of the waves to

 attempting road ice walking or scuffing whatever works to

waking up on a high hill to watch the barrage of waves pummel our beaches to 

finally getting some protective PURPLE BOOTIES 
because my toes started to freeze to

 watching the hustle & bustle beauty in the heart of the city
caused by lower temps to

 smelling the salt air
the crisp salt air to

hiding from the crisp salt air and Jim to

just knowing we can hop in our jalopy
and be at this spot in an instant
to refresh ourselves
just feel the wonder of our small spot on this planet.