Saturday, January 11, 2014


I love to visit Martinique Beach in the dead of winter no less.
Yes, it's cold, freezing, chilly but down-right exhilarating!
(I'm pretending to be a hieroglyph in this picture.
Do you think it works?)

 Da lum Da lum 
Da lum Da lum
this is my inner sound 
as I begin my gallop down the beach.

Now you know why I am so focussed
and why this beach rates super high on my list of faves.

After traversing a huge rock outcrop the smooth beach becomes evident
and that only means more Mr. Orangie chasing.
Hello, your hurry it up!?!

 Yes, now you believe me don't you.
Huge rock outcrop covered in frozen ice, salty ice I might add.
Treacherous I might hasten to point out!

But here is my Martinique Beach.
Oh yes, I do covet this place and if any one shows up
I make sure they obey the rules,
Mother Nature's rules.

Since we are the only warm blooded bodies
daring to walk the beach
I figure Mr. Orangie needs a work out.

First catch on the beach,
I circle around for more.

I do stretch out when I run
now you can see my luxurious chocolate coat
with blond accents.
(Thank you DNA)

Number 2 catch
floating in the air too!
(Imagine if we could fly)

Number 3 ~~ straight up!
Eye ~ Nose ~ Mr. Orangie

OK, enough play ~~ let's get down to some serious walking and sea glass searching.

This pebbled area is always a goldmine in sea glass.

I told you that they would find some glass.
I did hear them muttering about not finding any cobalt blue, red or orange today at all.

Oh well, each to their own as I always say.
It takes all kinds to make our beautiful world go 'round 
and whether it be humans seeking for pieces of broken glass
or me staring down Mr. Orangie ~~
Life is Good!!